Pattaya DIY – Beach Road

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I want to help my friends to experience the South-East Asian feeling and tell them where to find LBFMs. If you come to Pattaya it is extremely easy. There are many places where to find hot chicks. One of my favorite places is Beach Road.


Pattaya Beach Road is a large promenade where women are always available. If you like the freedom this is the place to go. It is the most natural marketplace in Pattaya. Every woman that wants to sell sex can go there and wait to be picked up and every man who wants to buy sex can go there and pick one up.

You can find women there all the time, but at night it is most popular. All kinds of different women are standing there. You may not like all of them as many won’t be your type. But if you look a while you will find the right one for you.

Every night a different variety of LBFMs is waiting there for you. So if you visit Pattaya for a week or longer it is never getting boring. You will find every night a new sex partner there. So just choose a hotel that is close to Beach Road, pick up a girl there, bring her to your room and have fun.

I like to use Beach Road to look for women who I can film while I fuck them. I just walk down Beach Road and when I see a woman I like, I stop and talk with her. Then I can simply ask her if she doesn’t mind if I make pictures and videos. Some don’t like that, but others don’t mind. Some don’t want to show their face to the camera and some don’t mind.

Normally I get what I want and then bring the woman to one of the hourly hotels there. Checking out my porn picks I am always amazed about the beauties I found on that road.

However, there is one thing you have to be careful at the beach road and that is ladyboys. They are waiting there too and are sometimes hard to spot. I always check out a girl before I bring her. Either by directly asking her and in one case where I was not sure, I even slides over her trouser to check if a pussy or a dick is hidden under that trouser.

Published by Ron's Pattaya guest friendly hotels

Hi, My Name is Ron, I always loved beautiful women and I hated the fact that in Europe they were so difficult to get. Dreaming about hot chicks and not getting them made my life difficult. It hurt me. So it was no surprise that the roomers I heard about Thailand attracted me. But were they true? I had to find it out, flew to Pattaya, and loved it. I had so much fun in Pattaya that I kept returning to Thailand. One thing that l Iearned during my trips was, that the hotel I stayed in was very important to the success of my Pattaya trip. Believe me, there is nothing more frustrating than walking into your hotel with a beautiful lady in a sexy dress, dreaming about the action of the next 2 hours, and then getting stopped by the hotel staff. They might reject you bringing her to your room or ask you to pay a ridiculous fee. I learned that lesson the hard way and would like to help you avoid such a mistake. That’s why I created a list of the best Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels. So that you can bring the woman of your dream to your room without any problem. Additionally, I checked all Guest Friendly Hotels in Pattaya myself for the best location, so that you guys can have the best time of your life there. Last but not least I offer you all the experiences that I gained during the last years. Yes, you heard correctly. I am like your travel agency. If you have any questions, you can contact me any time. I have a lot of experience to give guys the best time of their life in Pattaya. You can contact me before or after you book your guest-friendly hotel in Pattaya.

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