What is a Monger?

Monger in the normal definition is simply a dealer. Somebody who trades goods. A common use of the word monger can be found in connection with war. A warmonger is a person who somehow deals with war.

However, this is not the route we are interested in. In Pattaya as well as everywhere else in South East Asia when you hear the term monger you are talking about a sex monger. Those are people who trade with sex. In my opinion a much better type of trade than war, even society is often seeing it otherwise. But this should not be our topic now. A sex monger is somebody who deals with sex and this could be all kinds of people, women, and men, old and young.

In Pattaya sex mongering is very normal. Thousands of women sell happily sex to men. For women it is an easy way of income and for men it is simply fun. The women come from all over Thailand and the men from all over the world. That’s why Pattaya has the nickname to be Disneyland for adults.

Published by Ron's Pattaya guest friendly hotels

Hi, My Name is Ron, I always loved beautiful women and I hated the fact that in Europe they were so difficult to get. Dreaming about hot chicks and not getting them made my life difficult. It hurt me. So it was no surprise that the roomers I heard about Thailand attracted me. But were they true? I had to find it out, flew to Pattaya, and loved it. I had so much fun in Pattaya that I kept returning to Thailand. One thing that l Iearned during my trips was, that the hotel I stayed in was very important to the success of my Pattaya trip. Believe me, there is nothing more frustrating than walking into your hotel with a beautiful lady in a sexy dress, dreaming about the action of the next 2 hours, and then getting stopped by the hotel staff. They might reject you bringing her to your room or ask you to pay a ridiculous fee. I learned that lesson the hard way and would like to help you avoid such a mistake. That’s why I created a list of the best Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels. So that you can bring the woman of your dream to your room without any problem. Additionally, I checked all Guest Friendly Hotels in Pattaya myself for the best location, so that you guys can have the best time of your life there. Last but not least I offer you all the experiences that I gained during the last years. Yes, you heard correctly. I am like your travel agency. If you have any questions, you can contact me any time. I have a lot of experience to give guys the best time of their life in Pattaya. You can contact me before or after you book your guest-friendly hotel in Pattaya.

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