Nigel and Dan in Pattaya – Diamond Beach Hotel

Nigel contacted me via my website. He and his friend Dan wanted to party in Pattaya. I, therefore, suggested a hotel close to Walking Street and the Pattaya visitors picked the Diamond Beach Hotel. To party, the location of that hotel is great. Here is why:

  1. The Windmill Club is close by. This club is one of my favorits clubs in Pattaya. It is also called the naughties club in Pattaya. Here are some of their nice bar ladies:

2. The Sapphire Club is close by. Yes, you can bar fine all those ladies and bring them to your guest-friendly hotel. Check this out:

Saphire Club is close by. I suggest not to take the way Google map is suggesting, but to go via the walking street.

3. Pubs, like Le Pub. The owner of Le Pub is running a YouTube Channel, which I can recommend to everyone who is interested in Pattaya. The pub is close to the guest-friendly hotel and so it is easy to bar fine ladies of the bar and bring them to your hotel.

4. You can still invite friends to your room. Nigel and Dan could still meet with my girlfriend in their hotel room, as it is a guest-friendly hotel. Initially, they just wanted to do some sightseeing during the day. So I suggested hiring my girlfriend as a tour guide. She showed them Pattaya and they must have gotten horny. So after sightseeing, they brought her to their room and banged her.

Published by fatmanandfanta

I arrived at Pattaya as a sick man, not as you might think as a sexual sick man, but as a deeply hurt man. As I describe my life and the the reasons why I went to Pattaya in my series Fat Man in Asia, I don’t want to repeat my story here. Only so much I would like to say to help you to understand my situation. I was suffering from a heavy depressions and coincidently found out that sex could heal my depressions. It seemed to me nothing besides sex could motivate me to go out and experience these world. Nothing less than watching women dancing in bars or paying them to have sex.

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