Jack in Pattaya – Eastiny Seven Hotel

Jack is from the U.K.. He wanted to visit Pattaya to have a good time and relax for a week. He liked to go to Spa’s and have different kinds of food. So he decided to stay in Central Pattaya. e didn’t want to spend too much on the hotel, as he needed money forContinue reading “Jack in Pattaya – Eastiny Seven Hotel”

Ewing in Pattaya – Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa

Ewing picked the Siam Bayshore resort as he wanted to stay close to Walking Street and still wanted to have a luxurious and green environment. The resort is located directly next to Walking Street and yet has a beautiful park-style environment. Actually, I gave Ewing a list of places he could go, as there areContinue reading “Ewing in Pattaya – Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa”

Cultural Shock – Why Asian Chicks like money

Asia is culturally different than the West and this can be also seen in the way prostitution is seen. While Asia is a huge continent with a variety of different cultures, some of these cultures are very open to prostitution. This can go so far that in some cultures it seems to be possible toContinue reading “Cultural Shock – Why Asian Chicks like money”