Jack in Pattaya – Eastiny Seven Hotel

Jack is from the U.K.. He wanted to visit Pattaya to have a good time and relax for a week. He liked to go to Spa’s and have different kinds of food. So he decided to stay in Central Pattaya. e didn’t want to spend too much on the hotel, as he needed money for the ladies, so he picked the Eastiny Seven Hotel.

He only wanted ladies with a good reputation, as he worried bout troubles and difficulties. So he asked me if I could share some of my friends with him. Of course, I could help and so I gave him the contact details of my girlfriend. I know my girlfriend well and recommend her to many customers. She knows how to make men happy and is very experienced. Jack and my girlfriend met and had a good time, as the below picture shows.

Thank’s god, the hotel is a guest-friendly hotel so Jack could easily receive visitors. My lady likes to please men and has many girlfriends with good reputation who share the same passion. So they all could visit Jack at his guest-friendly hotel and help him to have a good time.

Ewing in Pattaya – Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa

Ewing picked the Siam Bayshore resort as he wanted to stay close to Walking Street and still wanted to have a luxurious and green environment. The resort is located directly next to Walking Street and yet has a beautiful park-style environment.

Actually, I gave Ewing a list of places he could go, as there are so many close to his hotel. However, he mainly liked the Insomnia club.

At the club were plenty of ladies and he brought them to his guest-friendly hotel after an exciting disco night.

During the day he rested and asked me to share some of my friend’s contacts. During the time of his stay, my girlfriend was on Koh Samui with another client. So I had to send him some of my girlfriend’s girlfriends contacts. He contacted them and they visited him at his guest-friendly hotel.

Paul in Pattaya – Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

Paul wanted to have a great Pattaya trip and asked me for some help. After chatting with him, I understood that he wanted a mixture of quiet time, party, and excitement. After our conversation, he decided on the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya.

The hotel is quiet during the day but is well well located to find excitement easily. However, first of all, the hotel has great parties on Saturday night. As the hotel is a guest-friendly hotel, it is easy to bring one of the party members to your room. My girlfriend has often business in that hotel and she told me that depending on the people who stay there, cool after-parties happen in the rooms.

Paul however liked something else even more. The hotel is located close to the Soi 6, a street full of beer bars. There he could find plenty of hookers. He first went there in the early afternoon. Starting at 2 pm, the bars start to open. He drank beer with the ladies and took a shower with one. This means he brought her to one of the small rooms, which are located above the bars.

In the evening he went there again, but this time he bar fined her and brought her to his guest-friendly hotel. The lady sometimes stayed overnight.

He tried out several bars at Soi 6 and felt best at the Horny Bar. I somehow can understand him ;-).

Besides Soi 6, the Pattaya Hard Rock Hotel lies directly at the Beach Road. Paul often went out for dinner at one of the restaurants next to Beach Road. On the way back to his hotel, he could have a look at the ladies standing there and if he was interested in one of them, take her.

Nigel and Dan in Pattaya – Diamond Beach Hotel

Nigel contacted me via my website. He and his friend Dan wanted to party in Pattaya. I, therefore, suggested a hotel close to Walking Street and the Pattaya visitors picked the Diamond Beach Hotel. To party, the location of that hotel is great. Here is why:

  1. The Windmill Club is close by. This club is one of my favorits clubs in Pattaya. It is also called the naughties club in Pattaya. Here are some of their nice bar ladies:

2. The Sapphire Club is close by. Yes, you can bar fine all those ladies and bring them to your guest-friendly hotel. Check this out:

Saphire Club is close by. I suggest not to take the way Google map is suggesting, but to go via the walking street.

3. Pubs, like Le Pub. The owner of Le Pub is running a YouTube Channel, which I can recommend to everyone who is interested in Pattaya. The pub is close to the guest-friendly hotel and so it is easy to bar fine ladies of the bar and bring them to your hotel.

4. You can still invite friends to your room. Nigel and Dan could still meet with my girlfriend in their hotel room, as it is a guest-friendly hotel. Initially, they just wanted to do some sightseeing during the day. So I suggested hiring my girlfriend as a tour guide. She showed them Pattaya and they must have gotten horny. So after sightseeing, they brought her to their room and banged her.

Cultural Shock – Why Asian Chicks like money

Asia is culturally different than the West and this can be also seen in the way prostitution is seen. While Asia is a huge continent with a variety of different cultures, some of these cultures are very open to prostitution. This can go so far that in some cultures it seems to be possible to buy every woman if the price is right.

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Pattaya DIY: Soi 6

Even Soi 6 is less famous than Walking Street, many Pattaya insiders prefer it. Mainly as prices are better and it is much more relaxed. Principally Soi 6 is a street filled with Short Time Beer Bars. So bars where you can drink a beer, get entertained by a girl, and where you can bring her to a room at the bar. So you don’t have to pay the bar fine, but just rent a small room on an hourly basis. This is a bit cheaper than the bar fine.

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Pattaya Beach Road

The Pattaya Beach Road or Beach Promenade is a great place to pick up freelancers. Every woman that needs money can simply stand there and sell sex. Every evening dozens of women stand there and wait to get picked up by a sex tourist. You can walk the road up and down and search for a woman that you like. If your hotel or apartment is close by you can bring her there or you can visit one of the short time hotels close by.

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Pattaya DIY – Beach Road

Listen to: Pattaya DIY – Beach Road

I want to help my friends to experience the South-East Asian feeling and tell them where to find LBFMs. If you come to Pattaya it is extremely easy. There are many places where to find hot chicks. One of my favorite places is Beach Road.

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