Paul in Pattaya – Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

Paul wanted to have a great Pattaya trip and asked me for some help. After chatting with him, I understood that he wanted a mixture of quiet time, party, and excitement. After our conversation, he decided on the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya.

The hotel is quiet during the day but is well well located to find excitement easily. However, first of all, the hotel has great parties on Saturday night. As the hotel is a guest-friendly hotel, it is easy to bring one of the party members to your room. My girlfriend has often business in that hotel and she told me that depending on the people who stay there, cool after-parties happen in the rooms.

Paul however liked something else even more. The hotel is located close to the Soi 6, a street full of beer bars. There he could find plenty of hookers. He first went there in the early afternoon. Starting at 2 pm, the bars start to open. He drank beer with the ladies and took a shower with one. This means he brought her to one of the small rooms, which are located above the bars.

In the evening he went there again, but this time he bar fined her and brought her to his guest-friendly hotel. The lady sometimes stayed overnight.

He tried out several bars at Soi 6 and felt best at the Horny Bar. I somehow can understand him ;-).

Besides Soi 6, the Pattaya Hard Rock Hotel lies directly at the Beach Road. Paul often went out for dinner at one of the restaurants next to Beach Road. On the way back to his hotel, he could have a look at the ladies standing there and if he was interested in one of them, take her.

Published by fatmanandfanta

I arrived at Pattaya as a sick man, not as you might think as a sexual sick man, but as a deeply hurt man. As I describe my life and the the reasons why I went to Pattaya in my series Fat Man in Asia, I don’t want to repeat my story here. Only so much I would like to say to help you to understand my situation. I was suffering from a heavy depressions and coincidently found out that sex could heal my depressions. It seemed to me nothing besides sex could motivate me to go out and experience these world. Nothing less than watching women dancing in bars or paying them to have sex.

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